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  •  Kukiwell procures a variety of ways to purchase goods with superior quality and low price from the market. Excellent quality, competitive prices and improving services are the pursuit of both side. As long as conformed to the following conditions, one can apply to be our suppliers,result in fulfilling our common growth and development. * A general document
     No matter which kind of goods, supplier should offer the following valid documents. 
    1, Copy of business license; 
    2, certificate of organization code 
    3, Copy of tax registration certificate (local and national); 
    4, a copy of power attorney signed by the legal representative of the supplier to (with company stamp) and sent to the supplier negotiators; 
    5, any other relevant documents.
    *product quality 
    1, With quality control sector, and a edecent control of products; 
    2, With complete quality of documentation; 
    3, Sound guarantee of product quality and stability; 
    4, trustworthy staff, workshops, equipment, inventory conditions  * The processes of become a supplier of Kukiwell
     First, provide necessary information, land suppliers area of Kukiwell wedsite, download application form, fill it and send to our email (!  Second, the certification be checked  Webmaster will make information extraction and provide it for library-related sectors, which will in turn check whether you can become a supplier of Kukiwell. Third, online communication  We will talk with those qualified suppliers on-line for further business communication.  Fourth, to provide quotation, and related products price, complete information of products, including product samples….
     5, product evaluation  According to the supplier, the samples, the company technical staff carries out the assessment.  6, discuss cooperation affairs  With accreditation standard, the supplier agrees to carry out the intention, then we can negotiate face-to-face, sign the contract, finally complete a formal co-operation. 

     Hotline :0574-63099817