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  • Kukiwell adheres to the "people-oriented" concept of human resources, and tries to standardize human resource management, which is dedicated to building a good talent mechanism. To "inspire and share" is the core of Kukiwell human resources management. Our company continues to attach much importance to wages and welfare in a modern enterprise system, and establish a sound environment for qualified people.  Library talent strategy of Kukiwell:  

    1. To people-oriented, open the door for talents.    

    2. Put the one with ability in an important position&Reward meritorious person.     

    3. Recruiting new members according to ability but one’s seniority,academic qualifications. Those skilful person be respected,
    Insist on fair competition and the survival of the fittest.     

    4. Let the facts retain employees. Let practical work retain them.      

    5. Offer outstanding employees generous bonuses and various benefits. No pains,no gains.     

    6.Proper person do proper job. The development of personal goals will be closely integrated with the company.
        The core of Kukiwell values:
    1. Serve the customers: Customers no fault, only for our deficiencies. our pursuit : Guarantee the interests of customers.      

    2. Integrity: Be honest, pay attention to credibility. Mutual cooperation, sharing of resources.     

    3. Hard working: genius = 99% perspiration + 1% inspiration.